Most powerful experience to climb up to the top of the huayna picchu mountain and feel the energy and connect to a very high beam of light.


After an 8.5 eartquake in chincha peru, it was the to connect to the poorest, the abandoned and the most hungry human beings.


India Diary

Invited by the Peruvian Embassy in New Delhi india the exhibit of this solo show will be performed through the reiki healing studies that Nejume has attained and will be applied to her art and her perception of angels, mystical encounters, spirituality and energy moved in the chakras.

Through her hands at the healing processes. her voyage and the india experience are a very powerful and emotional baggage that will be channelized through her colors, objects, discoveries and personalities that will start to have a commencement of appereance in her art work at this stage.

small south of india little village ,amarawathi, 30th kalachakra with hh dalailama was sublime and highpower. sleeping in british army tents for 16 days on the floor, no matresses neither backpacks or pillows. was frightened to brush my teeth,……… water could stay in them,…….malaria , difteria, and many other problems of health in the area. eating just bananas and oranges , just as the only thing that could be peeled by yourself.all over the world came to visit and share. more to write and pictures to come…….with hh, from goa, from delhi again with hh and the tushita , paris with my yugoslavian friend and french husband.


Rabbi Menachem Schneerson “z.l.”

has brought me the spirituality of Judaism in a very sweet and honest way.


The Grand Canyon, and the Vortices in Sedona, Arizona. Timeless and breathtaking sacred lands.